M. Akhlaqur Rahman

Professor M. Akhlaqur Rahman was born in 1925 in Sunamganj. After completing his Masters in Economics in 1950 from University of Dhaka he started teaching at the same university. He later studied in the UK and the USA. He earned his PhD from MIT, USA. Later he taught Economics at Peshawar University, had worked with Planning Commission, various research organizations and Bank. He joined Jahangirnagar University (JU) on invitation in 1980. He died on May 4, 1992.

Dr. Rahman published a number of research articles in national and international journals. His other books include: Bangladesher Gramanchale Dhanatantrer Bikash (Development of Capitalism in Rural Bangladesh), Ekchetia Punjibad (Monopoly Capitalism), and Marxio Arthoniti (Marxian Economics). He had been an activist for some years too, worked for the oppressed people and spent years in jail during military rule. As an economist he also searched for the way out in economic theory. He did not like to be a blind follower of dominant corporate economics.